Practice with Purpose. Up your Game.


What is the goal of BlackTee?

There are 2 goals:

  1. Most amateur golfers don't have much time for practice, so in order to get better they have to make the most of their sessions on the driving range. BlackTee aims to provide drills that can help you improve faster.
  2. Learn about your game. The advanced statistics in BlackTee will tell you your strengths and weaknesses. It will also tell you about your tendencies. Knowing where your typical misses are can be invaluable knowledge on the course.

What is the concept behind BlackTee?

Did you ever hit it great on the driving range and then on the course you could barely keep the ball in play? You think "I hit 10 drives in a row and they were all perfect. What happened?" There are many reasons for that:

  1. On the driving range there is no pressure. Bad shots will have no negative consequences. So your mindset will be completely different once you stand on a teebox and see a narrow fairway, rough and maybe even hazards
  2. You will rarely hit the same club more than once in a row on the course. Hitting 10 drives in a row will work short term, but to really help your body remember the motion it is not very effective unless you are working on something very specific in your swing. This is called block practice vs. randomized practice.
  3. Hitting 6-8 balls per minute is no problem on the driving range. On the course it might be several minutes between your shots and you usually go through your whole pre-shot routine for each one. This creates a completely different feeling. The drills in BlackTee want to help you create situations and training habits to avoid making these mistakes and help you carry your skills from practice to the course.

Which Handicap should I have for easy, intermediate or difficult drills?

It does not really matter which handicap you have. Of course some drills will be tougher, but that is no reason not to do them. At some point you will realize that you will get more points the more often you do it. Don't let yourself become discouraged by bad results. In the long term every session will help you get better!

Does BlackTee replace lessons with a pro?

No. BlackTee will neither teach you how to swing or give you any advice on technique. But it can help you to to apply what you learned in your lessons and see your improvements in the results.

Why do I have to enter the result for each shot after I hit it?

It may seem a little annoying, but it will hopefully encourage you to take some time between hits.

Will there be an Android version?

At this point there is no Android version planned.

I bought the premium version by accident or I don't like it. How do I get a refund?

Unfortunately I can't give you a refund, you need to contact Apple directly to help you.

I have lost or changed my phone, how can I get my data back

Your data can only be recovered if you have a premium membership. If you purchased one before just open the app and go to Settings -> Premium Membership and click on "Restore Purchase". Once your premium membership is restored the download of your data should automatically start and you should see your old sessions. If not, try to restart the app.

Why does a BlackTee premium membership cost money?

Right now BlackTee is a hobby project. Every subscription helps to fund the development of new features, bugfixing etc.

How can I contact you?

Check the About page for ways to contact us